New Youth Director

Matthew hotelling 

Hello Wilson's Mills Family!

My husband and I are so excited to start this journey of ministry together with your families!

While he is gifted in the realm of public speaking and introductions, I am much more

comfortable with words on paper (or a screen as this is). In this, I hope that you can see my

heart just as clearly as you will his in face-to-face conversation.

My name is Rebekah, and my husband Matthew and I met a little over 2 years ago. It was a

whirlwind, truly God-ordained, dating period. It lasted exactly 9 months, from meeting to

marriage. While this might seem quick to some, it wasn't quick enough for us, as we had each

found the one whom our soul loved in each other.

As for our background, I was born and raised in Johnston County while he grew up in upstate

New York. Though our family values growing up mirrored each other, the paths our lives took

could not have been more different. I grew up in church, and had parents that involved

themselves heavily in church ministry. I was saved at a very early age, and while I strayed in

high-school the Lord captured my full heart around the age of 17 during a youth event at my

childhood church. At 18, I spent 4 months in the Philippines partnering with numerous mission

organizations to bring the gospel into local public school systems across the many islands of

the Philippines. Through countless other mission trips, my desire for local missions grew and I

realized that youth ministry could be the greatest mission field I could be called to. I am so

blessed to have found the Lord at a young age, and my testimony reflects that great mercy

Christ has given me. He rescued me not only from the sin I was in, but the sin I was surely

going to fall deeper into. The next generation is the church of today, not tomorrow, and I am

eagerly anticipating what God can do in their hearts using my husband and I.

As for Matthew, while he grew up in church and also had parents involved in ministry, he fell

into a whole different path in life as a young adult. After graduating highschool, he went into

the marine corps and served 9 years at various bases across the US and beyond. During

those years, his life mirrored the world a whole lot more than his upbringing. Like many of us,

he fell captive to the desires of the flesh and of the world. His story is his to share, but

conviction, repentance, and the Grace of God brought him from San Diego California to North

Carolina, where he would later come to meet me.

Fast forwarding to current life. We just bought our first home with our 7 year old husky puppy

Arya in November of 2023. Shortly after, Matthew finished up his last contract with the Marine

Corps. I work full-time as a Registered Nurse at the Nash County Health Department with the

maternity/children program. Matthew is a full-time student at Shaw University, going for his

Christian Ministry degree. He plans to go to Southeastern later on to get his Masters in

Divinity. We plan to start our family in the next year by starting the process of fostering. We

spend most nights doing DIY house projects, playing board games/cards, or finding our new

favorite coffee shop of the month.

We are so very blessed and excited for this opportunity to love this church and this

community in the coming years!

Please pray for us as we make this transition into ministry with you!

Youth Director

Matthew Hotelling and his amazine wife Rebekah. 

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